ASPICK has established documented procedures to describe, in detail, the systems for ensuring incoming, in-process and final inspection and testing, applicable to incoming, in-process and finished materials.

The inspection plan as well as the procedure for inspection and testing is as per a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) approved by the customer. No incoming items are released for production without inspection. Positive recall of items released without testing / incoming inspection is instituted by specific identification tags, and a register of all such items is maintained. The stringency of our internal inspection is unwavering, irrespective of the supplier and the rating.

All products are inspected/ tested as required in the quality plan. At each stage, the products are released to the next stage only after a thorough inspection of the critical components is conducted. Reports are received, verified and found acceptable/ unacceptable.

Final inspection is conducted for all products as per the quality plan, and inspection reports are verified for conformance to the requirements. No product is despatched until all activities, as required in the quality plan, have been completed satisfactorily. All Inspection and test records are maintained as per the QAP. To achieve the required quality, all testing and measuring equipment are regularly calibrated.